update on day 9

Sorry folks, between high season at work with long working hours, again big trouble with staff and hormones robbing me of my good night’s sleep so often, I have very little impetus to come up with any blog post these days. Least of all inspring stuff or fun things. And I hate to moan. Well, not true, I’d like to, but I’m sure, you don’t want to hear it.

But there is one thing so sweet and great to watch and have around. Our three little kittens and their excellent mom Lilly. After nine full days of being a mom, she now does take the odd minute off of her 24/7 mothering duties. Watching over the little ones, supplying milk at all times, licking them, sorting the bundle out, if they trip over each other too much in search for the best place to be. They are still blind, their eyes closed tight, so they just crawl around a lot, groping with their tiny paws.

During the first few days, I brought Lilly food and drink to ther box; she just left it for the loo. Now, on day 9, she ventures out to her old feeding place in the kitchen a few times a day, already. The kittens now sleep by themselves all rolled up into a tiny furball or pressed up next to each other in a hairy row for short periods of time. These precious moments Lilly uses to hop out of the box and stretch her legs a little. She even came out to the garden with me for two minutes this morning. Just to dart straight back in. You know, in case someone murdered her kids in our bedroom during this time of neglect đŸ™‚

Look just how sweet the kitties are on day 9:



8 thoughts on “update on day 9

  1. Love your pictures! And a belated congratulations on becoming a grandma. How many are you going to keep?
    And don’t apologize. It makes me feel like I should too – so many of us are on a blog semi- hiatus for different reasons. Mine is sort of a good one. I didn’t achieve the Easter vacation plan, but I HAVE followed in your footsteps. Today is Day 10.
    Thanks for the inspiration, friend.
    Now you have two (or four?) things to feel good about.


    1. Oh this is great news. Keep it up. It will be totally weird meeting up next time, neither of us smoking. Will we be able to talk with just coffee, no cigarrettes, I wonder?

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  2. Wow, look how they’ve grown in just 9 days! Lilly sounds just like a human mother, getting over her separation anxiety a minute or two at a time. Are you keeping the kittens? Glad they provide a sunbeam in your busy, busy life. đŸ™‚

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    1. True, one can actually watch them grow. If it were me, I’d keep all of them. But sweetheart, being very experienced with cats, knows, that mother-kitten relationship go often very sour as soon as the little ones are weaned. He already has organised friends to take the young ones – at least one or two. So maybe I get to keep one, who knows đŸ˜‰

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