more of the good stuff

It’s not just the animals, that keep me going these days. Also, my garden is fine. This year, it is the roses, that surprise me.

Maybe it was their first pruning earlier this year, or else it is just like it is so often with nature: some years are good for certain plants. My climber roses on the curbside to the street really show off this spring. The two plants growing up that ex-signpost are densly covered in fragrant blossoms. I planted them in 2014, so they are in their 4th season this year. And are too tall for me already. I had to get a ladder to fixate the higher sprouts last week.

diagonal roserose 2rose 3rose 1

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    1. yep, it was inteted to cover a metal post which once held a NO PARKING sign. The sign was removed and the post just stood there forlorn on a bit of lawn right in front of my little stretch of garden. It was a sore in my eyes, so I just planted this roses. And everyone seems to like the outcome. Neighbourhood-improvment 😉

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