into the wild

High time to get into the wild.

Well, what is supposed to look wild and at the same time pleasant. That is much my aim in gardening. Maintaining things just so. Leaving everything looking completely random and slightly neglected, yet still nice to look at.  A bit sloppy, so to say.

I do admit, some of it is pure coincidence. Or let’s just call it as it is: sloppyness. For instance planting things in autumn, forgetting about them. Finding plants coming up in spring, that you know nothing about. On bad days I suspect a marauding neighbour gardener just co-planting stuff at my lot for a laugh. However, this partisan gardener pretty much sticks to my colour sceme – so it may well be just me. I will have to look through last year’s mail order bills to name my plants correctly.

But on the other hand – I like surprises. This year my front garden is covered in blues and pinks and whites, half of which just happened on me. Still nice to look at.


However, to the other side I have some red and orange to look at, too




And some of the tings I do in my garden, have some planning process behind them.  Plans, that some times work out well. Like my garden path project, started early in spring this year. Now all that hard work starts to pay off. I have to say, I am all pleased with the result. This is what it looked like in March right after putting the stones in and planting the moss, wild thyme and camomile.


These days it has all grown in just as planned and I have to say – it not only looks nice but also smells very nice.


4 thoughts on “into the wild

    1. I’m afraid, a wider angel picture will give away the tinyness of my lot 🙂 The path runs from the road along the fence that hides the waste area on the right hand side of our terracce right to the right hand side of the house (where my compost is) and one part turns right to run along the terrace and the entrance of the house. All in all it is just a few meters long, maybe m?


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