when it rains…

…it pours. Here around Berlin, this is seldom true, if you take the saying on face value. In Berlin there is an average rainfall of 570 mm (1mm= 1 liter/m²). Per year. Add to that the sandy ground and there is not much complaint about flooding.

climate graph Berlin copyright: climate-data.org; source:https://images.climate-data.org/location/2138/climate-graph.png

However, last Thursday, we had up to 250 mm of rain. In one day, mind you. That is half a year’s worth of rainfall. Of course, this caused quite a havoc in Berlin. The sewerage could not hold all that water and spilled everywhere. Mostly into subway tunnels, but also into cellars. What could not flow underground, stood in pools on it, flooding lots of streets, airports and what not, seeking a way to drain.

The downpour also caused lots of damage at work.  Flooding our cellar, caddy boxes, the machinery hall and repair shop over at greenkeeping. And, of course, the golf courses. New water hazards and island greens popped up at no cost at all. It’s just, that noone wants them. Both courses are completely closed until coming Tuesday, at least, where one of them might have dried off enough to be reopened, if only in parts.

Some adventures we had, during the last days. Picking fish off fairways. Watching water birds having a great time, paddling on pools, the water formed in front of greens. Crows picking on fish on their way in shallow rivultes forming on fairways as water hazards were flowing over and spilling everywhere. A fox hunting for fish.


The biggest adventure, as per usual, being our members. Many questioning our decision to close the courses. “What do you mean, closed? The whole course closed? Even the driving range?” That was, AFTER we published the pics for everyone to see. Ah, golfers. Take away their past time for one weekend and they are at a complete loss. I wonder how they survive over winter…. 😉 On the other hand: this events gave me an extra Sunday off, so I have time to write this. Everything has a good side, too

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  1. Wow. This is quite a testament to how climate change can affect the wealthy too. Coastal populations displaced due to seal level rise? Ho hum. Continental populations starving due to drought? Ho hum. No golf outing on a Saturday? Outrageous!!!

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    1. yep, it was. When I went home that day, I parked my car up a hill. I didn’t think the underground car park was a good idea, seein that the water on the roads reached levels I didn’t trust my small car to handle well. I just took off my shoes, rolled up the pants and went home barefoot. Wasn’t going to ruin my shoes…


  2. Half the year’s rainfall in ONE DAY? How odd. Or maybe it’s the effect of our favorite old hoax, Global Warming. Hopefully everyone stays safe, high and dry, until the ground and sewers and ditches catch up. Prayers for your area. 🙂

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