I do apologize

I have been neglecting my blog recently.  I do apologize to those, who might have come back and back again, just to check and find nothing new.

In a way, there wasn’t really anything new. Just a regular working season with long, busy days – still in full swing. This year with an extra tiring effect on me, it seems. Well, this summer’s humid heat and quick weather changes, along with way too much rain and heavy storms might make folks aggressive. Including me. I have to say, my patience with pretty much everything is long out of the window…


Not smoking is still not helping relaxation along. Plus I gained LOTS of weight. Guess, how happy this makes me? So, I don’t really see a point in even turning on my computer any more.  As I don’t want to moan publicly (well, I just am, so much for that…)



Plus, my  kittens are growing fast. And are lovely and ready now to go to their new homes. But all three and their mother have taken ill a couple of weeks back with some enterobacteria running riot. Ever since then, something else is runny, too. And very smelly. Sweetheart and I are taking turns, sterilizing everything around here. But of course this is futile, with three little cats around, running everywhere. Their diarrhoea gets slowly better after the second  10-day set of medication force fed to them every night.  We hope to be able to get them their basic immunisation shots next week. After which they are ready to leave. Which will be both breaking my heart and a big relief at the same time.

There is no way, we have enough room for four cats. The young ones are tearing down everything now. Even Lilly gets irritated at least once a day and flees to some quiet spot for some rest from this sack of fleas…

When outside, they get worse. We spend hours searching for them in the neighbourhood. Our next door neighbours are kind enough to inform us, every time they are over at their garden, destroying their plants.  Instead of mine. But usually, they are just roaming around, well hidden and hard to find.

Or in full view, destroying what little is left of my own plants.



7 thoughts on “I do apologize

  1. “As I don’t want to moan publicly…” I know this sentiment well, and nearly neglected to write my Christmas Chronicle several years because of it. The cat bit should make it easier when you have to give them away. We took in a cat a long time ago… he was sick with a respiratory infection and we kept him in the washer/dryer closet during his treatment so he wouldn’t infect the others. But by the end of the first week, he was feeling 97% better and would try to bolt every time we opened the door. Eventually he escaped and all four of the others caught it and had to be treated too. What a mess. 🙂

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  2. So good to get a sign of life from you! Pets and plants are always a difficult combination. In my case it was not hard to take a side (although I do still miss my beautiful rhododendron that was decimated by Dog One’s puppies!). In your case, I bet the planticide will help you deal with saying goodbye to the kittens.

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    1. not really. gave away tiger I this week – it was not easy, despite pleasing the new owners so much. but I have to say, it already is a lot quieter now with just two kittens. now I have another two weeks until the rest will have to go….

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