new year, fresh start…

…or is it?


This is the essence of what’s been on my mind during the past few days. Whatever tiny attempt at resolution-forming might have started  on New Years Eve – all those ideas are already over board. So there might well be another year ahead, I won’t become a better person.

But then again, would that be so bad? I have survived five decades and still have people talking to me. Some even call me friend. One darling. Just goes to show.

All the important changes happen all at once and without me intermingling much, it seems. There have been many good changes, what with my sister feeling better. And sweetheart and I off the smokes. With my best friend following suit, also off the nicotine-trail.  So thats three life-spans prolonged by willpower and one by massive, yet effective, medicine. Not too bad, huh?

So I shall be quite relaxed about 2018. And hope for the best, only. Like 5+ eggs per day for my friend, the new chicken farmer of Austria. And 5- kilos for me. For a start. It’s the small things, that gain more and more importance to me, recently.


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  1. Don’t bother about New Year resolutions, why should you try to reinvent yourself, the old you is doing just fine. I have three and a half decades on the counter and like a good wine it just gets better even in dark times.

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