divine comedy

I have to say, this potus45 is getting absurd. How much more will it take to wake America up?

It’s a bit like the nine circles of hell in Dante Alighieris Divine Comedy.  You think, now, this is the worst, now he has hit rock bottom, this must be the ninth circle of hell and now someone in their right mind will do something about this inadmissible bloke. If Democrats can’t, then there must be some decent Republicans around that surely will put an end to this farce.

But it just gets worse. This guy manages to lower the level time after time. Soon, he will have forfeited all reputation, the leading nation of the West ever had – and believe me, over here in Germany, the US have been our leading nation, which we referred and looked up to in all questions of freedom, justice and democracy,  with all due criticism on the side.

So, American citizens, how many circles does hell have to have?

A detail from one of Sandro Botticelli‘s illustrations for Inferno, Canto XVIII, 1480s. Silverpoint on parchment, completed in pen and ink, from wikipedia

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  1. It is also quite possible that Robert Mueller has more surprises up his sleeve and that some will be revealed before the midterm election. It would not surprise me at all if evidence were produced of money laundering, collusion AND conspiracy. It is almost impossible to imagine this man, this 45, as innocent.

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  2. Yes, exactly. Every seat in the lower house, many seats in the senate, and many governorships will be up for re-election. The signs now point to a Democratic takeover of the US House of Representatives and a possible takeover of the Senate – as well as many state governments. If the Democrats take just one house of Congress, the investigations they would unleash would likely mean the end of Trump. And impeachment would be a real possibility.

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  3. It makes me literally ill. However, the Republicans will defend Trump until he threatens their hold on power. We are not yet at that point. Soon, maybe. I have some hope for the 2018 election.

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  4. The US is a laughingstock at this point… a horse’s ass followed by a majority of profiteers and lemmings. How low can we go? That remains to be seen. Socialism would be far better than the so-called democracy we have now. Even with the litany of stupid things Trump has done, no Republican I know is willing to admit he made a mistake. The path of greed and self-righteousness will lead to the same place it always has: destruction. Will they wise up before it’s too late? The odds of that seem to get worse every day. 😦

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    1. right, nooone can help, that there are guys like him around, but does one have to elect them President? And if you did, do you have to keep him there? I doubt it….


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