Sunday Matinée

Good old habits pop up. Like this little column. Put together on early Sunday mornings before leaving for work. While the rest of the city is still sound asleep (most of it, anyways).

So this cold winter morning, please meet Mr. Jacek Malinowski from Poland. He lives in Gdansk, Warsaw and Tuscany. He puts colour before detail and thus tries to get behind the scenes, I think. Looking for the essence of things, maybe….

I like his pictures. Hope, you do, too.

the road, Tuscany, Jacek Malinowski
The Road, Tuscany, Jacek Malinowski


baltic project III, Jacek Mainowski
Baltic Project III, Jacek Malinowski
San Quirico Cyprus 2013, Jacek Malinowski
San Quiricus, Cyprus, Jacek Malinowski
tuskany, Jacek Malinowski
Tuscany, Jacek Malinowski
seascape V
Seascape V, Jacek Malinowski
Landscape 01
Landscape 01, Jacek Malinowski

4 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. Reminds me of Grandma Moses–simple, colorful, bold brush strokes. I like the unfussy style, the freedom and self-confidence he conveys onto the canvas. Glad you’ve revived Sunday Matinee, Lyart. 🙂

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