I can’t help but miss Mr. Obama. Just stumbled upon an ad for a Letterman show on Netflix, featuring a snippet of conversation he has with the talk show host in a trailer for the show. It’s about dancing. Even a topic as simple as that shows, how much style this gentleman has. I just love listening to him.

In stark contrast to his successor.

If there is one good thing about the Potus45 presidency, it might be the fact, that it makes all the others before him look good.

Gee, even any of the Bushes looks great in comparison to the current (bad) joke of man. Although the younger caused a war based on lies. For oil and money. Still, I can’t help liking him better than Potus45. Even if liking is the wrong term here. You know what I mean, do you? There are folks, who just disqualify themselves by being, how they are (or how the impression is, they leave on what is publicly available about them). Yuk! I vivdly remember, that I had a similar Yuk! in my throat, when George W. took office. Had I only known, what was to come….

The longer he holds office, the more it shows – beside all policies – that those previous in office by far exceeded him in talent, in decency,  in style – to cut it short, in pretty much everything. Even if they happened to be untalented, indecent and otherwise uninviting figures.

Mr. Obama, on the other hand, is a different story all together. He still shines.

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