Going from heavy smoker with 30 years of  smoking 40+ fags per day to none at all, I’d say, I don’t feel all that different. Ok, I gained maybe 10 kg and I still find it hard to take a break without my cigarettes. But otherwise, I don’t feel that much different.

Finding out, that my thyroid gland is completely off duty last autumn and substituting the missing hormone from then on in with increasing doses should also make a huge difference, I still don’t experience. Gee, I never even noticed anything wrong, before we discovered that minor defect by incidence (don’t visit doctors, they invariably diagnose you with something). When I finally ended up at the endocrinologist’s, he asked me about being overly tired, listless, depressed or other such symptoms, seemingly coming with a dissipating thyroid gland. No, not that I could tell. Other than my usual laziness, that is. I just took what he calls symtoms to be my personality. And now, with the cure in full swing, I would not say, that I feel very different.

However, other folks seem to notice differences. Colleagues and staff say, my fuses are much shorter since I am off the smokes. Whereas I say, they just have it coming 🙂

My sweetheart is of the opinion, that I am much more upbeat since I take those pills. More active. He likes it, he says. Because he is genuinely supportive. But I suspect, also, because he is off many a chore around the house now 🙂



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  1. Well done for keeping off the cigarettes. I gave up about 20 years ago now and it was the best thing I have ever done. Really difficult but a great achievement. I still occasionally dream about smoking though, and wake up feeling really guilty!

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  2. I am making this my new mantra: “don’t visit doctors, they invariably diagnose you of something.” As both a retired nurse and a patient, I know it to be 100% true. 🙂

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    1. Oh, you were a nurse. This must be such a hard job, I could never do it. About the above: its just, that doctors need to be successful, too. So they keep searching their broad medical knowledge for something, anything at all. Just imagine how unnecessary they’d feel, if you died of absolutely nothing…

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  3. Glad to hear the thyroid treatment and adjustments are starting to make themselves felt. As we talked about during your visit, you might have been self-medicating with nicotine for years. In any case, I have to add that your “lethargic” is other people’s “busy”!

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