There invariably comes a moment during the dark season, when I’ve had it with murky weather, rain, slush, too little snow, way too little daylight and wintery conditions in Berlin in general.

This moment is now. Yesterday I overheard our head greenkeeper reporting about the long term forecast: there are weeks and weeks of wet, miserable, cool to cold conditions to look forward to. To spice it all up, there is another storm just about to hit us today or tomorrow.  And we’re not even halfway through winter yet, with two to three months of more of the same in store. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

As I said, it just made Bam!, and my garden urges revived in an instant. How I miss the colour! How I miss the green! The only way to cure this winter blues, is for me to look at yesterday’s hues and start to plan the next season.

I will have to pay a visit to my favourite DIY-stores soon. To check, whether they can feed me with some fresh ideas and new projects to dream of and maybe even implement come next spring….



5 thoughts on “Bam!

  1. I saw the photo first and I was like, where do you live again, Lyart? And isn’t it winter there? How do you have all these gorgeous flowers? Oh. Our weather in Ohio is the same, snowy and slushy with no end in sight. But my orchid, after resting for 8 months, has 2 new buds. Yippee! I’m also going to plant the Amaryllis I got for Christmas. 🙂

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  2. What a great post! It has been the same, bleak and muddy gray-on-gray day-after-day weather here. My plan to deal with it has been to get really close to anyone who is sneezing and coughing in the hopes that I will catch something (knowing that my doctor will immediately give me official permission to stay home from work for a whole week, which I will spend on the couch with my Kindle and a blankee). Your approach is much better. And that picture fills me with . . . anticipation and hopefulness.

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