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La Gomera is known for it’s many micro climates. From sea level up to almost 1500 meters, with the north exposed to trade wind and much more moisture – therefor also more fertile than the dry south – it features from Mediterranean to Alpine climate pretty much everything inbeetween on some place. Overall, climates are very pleasant on this island, most of the time.

However, yesterday there were torrent rainfalls and quite stormy weather conditions. We intented to play golf, but the course was closed when we got there half ten in the morning. They had no electricity and the counter staff showed us a video of two of the four tornados forming right in front of the clubhouse out on the sea. She managed to catch them on her mobile earlier that day.  So there was no golf and we opted to go to San Sebastián, the capital city, instead, to have a look around.

There, it also rained quite hard, so I guess all the island’s micro climates where in synch for the day. Time to see something inside. Like lots of sad Madonnas in the church of the Assumption of Mary – the main church in San Sebastián.

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Then we went to an art store, looking at very mediocre paintings, but one stone sculpture, that reminded me of myself in a huff.

in a huff

Then the rain eased off a bit and we saw a group of most impressive Benjamin trees at a plaza down by the harbour. I will show those photographs to my sorry Benjamin tree at home, to give it an idea of what could become of it, if it just put a little more effort into stateliness.

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San Sebastián also features some nice little roads and colourful housing, roadmen wiping the streets with palm fronds, pastell cliffs, in- and outside frescoes, more church details and an impressive watchtower overlooking the habour, watching the six water cisterns of the city located in its vicinity.

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On the way home – as per usual again along the winding road leading up high, sometimes seemingly ending in absolutely nothing, and back down again to our little valley – the clouds started to lift from the slopes, revealing the agricultural terraces on the mountainside and many beauties of nature. So, a rainy day turns out to have been very interesting, indeed.

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point of view

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