Sunday Matinée

This week I had lots of time to look for interesting art to share with you. And I found loads of young, new, relatively unknown painters with impressive samples of their artwork.

However, they will have to wait, because I got stuck with a young photographer from Zagreb, Croatia. There is a relatively new branch of photography, finding falling down spaces – often at great personal risk for the artist – and capturing the beauty of decay. I would count Mirna Pavlovic amongst these, although she says about her art and intentions:

My images rely on a sense of scale, introspection and imagery of the mind. Photographing abandoned places is not merely a quest to document a society slowly losing its grandeur and its will to prosper and preserve. Nor is it about seeking grandeur in a collapsing structure. It is rather about provoking a certain get-up-and-go feeling. About reclaiming places deemed inaccessible and/or forbidden. About the deconstruction of everyday life.

Ever which way one looks at it, the outcome is very beautyful, I think. I am sure, some of you will think the same. Please have a look.

Inquietum – Mirna Pavlovic
Andromache – Mirna Pavlovic
Ataraxia – Mirna Pavlovic
Auguries – Mirna Pavlovic
Crosswind – Mirna Pavlovic
Elysium – Mirna Pavlovic
Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness – Mirna Pavlovic
Luna Caerulea
Luna Caerula – Mirna Pavlovic
Looking for Hades
Looking for Hades – Mirna Pavlovic
Melancholia – Mirna Pavlovic
Non Sequitur
Non Sequitur – Mirna Pavlovic
Oblivion – Mirna Pavlovic
Songlines – Mirna Pavlovic
The old Gods and the New
The Old Gods and the New – Mirna Pavlovic


3 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. Beautiful and hauntingly so. But also very familiar. I have seen these or something very similar before. Did you do something like this earlier in your blog?
    The other thing it reminds me of are the pictures of Chernobyl as it looks today.

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    1. You are spot on and have a good memory. I actually did a Sunday blog years back about a photographer taking pics around Chernobyl.


  2. I love how the natural seems to triumph over the manmade… even the grandest structure can be broken down yet made more beautiful by the elements, decay, vegetation, etc. Beautiful collection! 🙂

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