As our island holiday here in La Gomera comes to its end, authorities thanked us with a festive highlight.

We found a note on our windshield, informing us, not to park on our road or on the seafront from 15:00 to 21:00 during the next three days because of impending carneval festvities. That’s how we learned of it. Of course, if something this big is going on, we join.

Apparently all the kindergarten and school groups prepared costumes and a little program to perform down at the stage on the seafront Plaza del Carmen. And every single villager was out to see them. As the procession moved from the school through the streets down to the seafront, people kept pouring out of their houses, joining the kids led by makeshift drum rythms.

Then the groups took to the stage one by one, performing their dance or song to loud cheers of the audience. The little ones starting off. It was great fun to watch, although we could not understand the words.

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After the tiny ones were finished, the teens took to the stage, in the end inviting the entire Plaza to dance. By way of throwing lots of talcum powder in the air. The party commenced with a nice smell to it.

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Sweetheart was most impressed with the conduct of the proud Spanish Senores with kids. I think, sweetheart used the term “macho”, who dressed up as a flower or got into orange stockings to make great Daddy-Dragons just to please their little ones. And it was a great sight, indeed. I thought they were all Supermen.

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