two invalids

Because one invalid in our travelling party is not enough, I fell yesterday and hurt my finger.

It was a very stormy morning. Which didn’t keep me inside at all. You know, scouting the upset ocean. The rain drifting from the hills. Sheets of cloud dunking into the sea far out. All of that.

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I should have reckoned, that the big stones and pebbles got wetted and maybe turned slick. Stupidly, I didn’t. Slipped and fell. Dislocated a bone in my left middle finger. It stuck out at an odd angle, so I thought, that I maybe broke it. Luckily, staff from a nearby hotel helped me out, calling an ambulance. It was not so much the pain, but my body kept revolting at the weird sight of my finger, making me sick and black out various times. It took a while, until sweetheart was fetched and instructed to take me to San Sebastian to the hospital for an x-ray and treatment, because in our village there were just nurses. It was no fun for either one of us, driving over the mountains in this gale-force wind with up to 130 km/hr windspeed to wait for three hours in the hospital, until my finger was seen to. Luckily, the bone was not broken, just dislocated and rather quickly dealt with. Now we are taking turns nursing each other. We feel quite old.



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