more ocean

Poor sweetheart has not been well the last couple of days. So our sweet island holiday turned sour for him. I hope, after three days full of constant pain in his neck, back, shoulder and arm, we found a remedy that helps him. Tonight he slept well through the night and is back in bed, as I write this, snoring happyly in the next room.

To keep him company, all my activities were reduced to our little village.Which wasn’t that big of a problem, as the weather was quite rotten, anyways. Although we were lucky here on the south end of this small island yesterday. Overhead, the clouds from the North were pushed back by a strong wind, so our village had some sun. Whereas the rest of the island was fogged in and very windy with some rain.

But in no way have I been bored. I think I could forever look at the ocean, whatever the weather conditions. Problem being, that you have to look at some more water colour pictures.

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