Sunday Matinée

Please meet Nigel Sharman today. The Brighton born and trained textile designer is currently working and living in London.

I really like his pictures. They are sober and romantic at the same time, I think.

Mr. Sharman says about himself and his art:

[I became an artist because I was] dragged round the galleries of West Penwith in Cornwall as a small boy by my father and introduced to work by Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson.

Maybe in ten years time I will be fully abstract. I can’t just throw paint around and pretend it means something to me. I want to evolve and fully understand the thought processes and practices of those artists of the mid twentieth century who inspire me.

birds on a wire
Birds on a Wire Nigel Sharman
moya on mooring
Moya on Mooring Nigel Sharman
oil vinegar and three olives
Oil, Vinegar and three Olives Nigel Sharman
blood moon bathers
Blood Moon Bathers Nigel Sharman
still life with green table
Still Life with Green Table Nigel Sharman
harbour mouth composition
Harbour Mouth Composition Nigel Sharman
still life with melon
Still Life with Melon Nigel Sherman
harbour wreck
Harbour Wreck Nigel Sharman


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