follow the white rabbit…

white rabbit

2018, the easter bunny is going to be snowed in. We’ll have to make do with following the white rabbit (quote from The Matrix, part I, yeah, I am weird that way – I love this flic)

I can’t believe it is snowing again. Neither can I remember being so fed up with the cold and soggy wet conditons. We are forced to cancel tournaments and events at work, as spring is completely on hold. And nothing can be done in the garden, either.

Everybody here in Berlin is in a real bad mood, as the forecast for Easter is horrid, too. Who can, tries to get away into the sun via last minute flights. Too bad, I can’t. But I don’t want to complain too much.

With swearing, it is a rather different story. I can’t guarantee for anything…

One thought on “follow the white rabbit…

  1. Cold, soggy days call for tea by the fire, a warm sweater, a good book. They are a gift of downtime to be savored. Once it gets warm and dry, you’ll be busy, busy, busy. đŸ™‚


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