Sunday Matinée

Unusually late for a Sunday Matinée, too late for what is called a Matinée at any rate, I nevertheless want to go ahead and introduce you to Wangari Mathenge. A Nairobi, Kenya born artist, who practiced law, untill she followed her “child’s dream” of creating. In her case painting and sculpting. More or less self-trained, apart from some classes of fine art in the US, she took later on.

I like her way of seeing women.

a study of poses_02
Study of Poses 02 Wangari Mathenge
Adah Wangari Mathenge
dance for noone
Dance for Noone Wangari Mathenge
red roof house on the hill
Red Roof House on the Hill Wangari Mathenge
Esme Wangari Mathenge
she has no time
She has no Time Wangari Mathenge
watching you watching me
Watching you watching me Wangari Mathenge



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