sore but happy

As intended, the entire weekend was spent in the garden. So all the compost has been brought out onto the veggie patches, the stuff from last year shifted over to speed the rotting process. A new little flower bed was prepared along the wall to the underground parking, to take up excess bulbs. The apple trees were cut back a little. The dirt and old leaves along with the christmas tree branches protecting my roses against the frost have been cleared. In short, everything looks spick and span and resembles a garden again.

Except for me. I look a little old. Apparently, my gardening muscles disappeared over winter. And, of course, I forgot my still sore finger and injured it once more. Trying to cut a root off with the spade, I hurt my left hand again. So I am sore, but happy. Life is so much sweeter with the sun out!

5 thoughts on “sore but happy

  1. It is quite evident you had cabin fever after a long winter! Gardening is the worst thing I can do for my aging back but it is nearly the most rewarding. Feel better!


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