Sunday Matinée

I am overdue with reports on spring progress, the tos and fros of Lilly, my cat and about life in general. But because nature seems to explode right now, I am too busy tending to my garden. Sorry about that.

However, art shall not fall short. So please meet Yulia Luchkina, a Russian artist, illustrator and graphic designer. This is what I guess, as I wasn’t able to find an awful lot of information about this woman. Or should I say young woman? I guess so. Again, it is me, who is at fault. I can’t decipher Cyrillic script. Otherwise, I might be able to tell you more.

All I can say, is, that she is a phantastic drawer. She even made a portrait of me, without having ever seen me 😉


Her coloured works remind me of spring with their colours and tender lining. Thus I came to share some of it this morning. Hope, you like some of it, too.

I remember
I remember Yulia Luchkina
Irises Yulia Luchkina
I've put the moon in big jug without the bottom
I’ve put the moon in a big jug without the bottom Yulia Luchkina
my zen 1
My Zen I Yulia Luchkina
irises 2
Irises II Yulia Luchkina
Hammock Yulia Luchkina
Queen Yulia Luchkina
my zen 3
My Zen III Yulia Luchkina
Rustle Yulia Luchkina
Quizas, Quizas,...
Quizas, Quizas… Yulia Luchkina
my zen 2
My Zen II Yulia Luchkina

4 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. Gorgeous! Was that first drawing of you and Lilly? She has a gift with faces and figures, ethereal and down-to-earth at the same time. I also loved the watermelon, wanted to take a bite out of it. 🙂

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