Now, after six full months of grey and cold, spring has sprung, finally. To be correct: it jumped this time. So far no April weather, just warmth and sun. Unusual warmth, 24° up to 26° C it was all last week. This week, a little thunder and rain is coming, which is also very welcome.

No wonder, that nature shot out of its hiding at once. Everthing turned green in maximum speed and all flowers are out. All this sun and warmth has been a rejuvenating experience. Out in the garden, I found my good mood again. Seems to have been in hiding, too…

I decided, that this year, there will be no more frost and hurried to plant potatoes and salad, seed my peas, chard, parsley (this time a Japanese variation, as parsley of any other variety always died on me) and coriander. I will wait a little longer with tomatoes, just in case I am wrong after all…

Here in short, what’s out and showing off right now:


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3 thoughts on “jump

  1. Finally some pictures! Our weather was similar – it went from winter directly to summer. It has been downright tropical around here every since May. If this keeps up I might plant a banana or orange tree!

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    1. up here, I’ve been considering cacti and centuri plants, hasn’t rained since start of May here, really. Fields and woods start to burn now….


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