spick and span

My little cat Lilly likes the sun. Ever since the weather turned nice, she is outside again. As soon as I put up the outdoors furniture for the season, she occupied the sofa.

Never mind, it was my birthday present three years ago. I should consider myself lucky, that her majesty Lilly, supreme ruler of our small family of three, lets us sit on it, too, from time to time.  And she’s only trading her space in for some petting. As soon as she gets tired of it, she demands her peace and space back.

And never mind I washed the cushions and coverings, to have them creamy white and nice again. Up she jumps from the vegetable garden with black paws onto the white cushioning. And not just on her spot (as is the case on the light gray/blueish indoor settee, where she keeps to her blanket, mostly) but all over the 2 meter long seat meant for three adult humans. All of it is fully covered in garden dust, pawprints and cat hair.

What can I say? I’d like to cite my sister, who once mentioned, that one is not properly dressed for any occasion without at least some cat hair clinging to ones attire.

The main thing is, that Lilly keeps herself spick and span. Which she does. As I said, never mind us….

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2 thoughts on “spick and span

  1. Lilly is 100% cat, I guess. I don’t do outdoor furniture with cushions, not because of Peach (our cat) but because I hate having to remember to bring them in when it rains. Peach likes to walk in the mud and leave footprints everywhere, all over my husband’s car, the kitchen counters, the kitchen table, my desk. He cleans himself, but he’s not overly fussy about it. We are perfectly matched, he and I. Happy Spring to you both, enjoy your sunshine! 🙂

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