We went on a short trip to the South-West of Germany. Thus I’ve been away from the computer for a few days. First we went to Ingelheim (near Mainz and Wiesbaden) to see my brother and his family. Which was fabulous and a treat. What a great bunch they are!

Then we went further towards France and ended up in Sindelfingen. There really is no need to go there. At all. Unless you work for Daimler and build Mercedeses. Three quarters of the place are production halls. All in silver gray, a star marking them as one in many Daimler buildings. A cab driver described it as such: “If it weren’t for Daimler, Sindelfingen wouldn’t even be on maps.”

However, last weekend, Sindelfingen was the place to be, if you happen to be a fan of Darts. Which I am not, but my sweetheart is. The PDC Tour held one of their tour events in Glaspalast in Sindelfingen and I thought, this trip would be a nice Christmas present for my sweetheart. Whith a visit to my brother falling off the truck for me, so to speak.

It turned out to be great for both of us, in the end. The Darts lot really is a nerd lot at its core. But because the sport turned into a televised crowd spectacle now (why, I can’t explain at all), there also were lots and lots of young men on the onset of yuppiehood present. Featuring weird costumes, all having a beer too many and cheering the players on with fan songs. Overall, it seems to be more an event designed for males.  The atmosphere resembled a mixture of football pitch and Oktoberfest. All in all it was even good fun for me. Although next time, I would much prefer to just get tickets for the final day, rather than sitting through it all.

Photographs of nice countrysides on river Rhein, of the weird town of Ingelheim, my family and the darts will be coming up during the next couple of days. As I am running out of time just now. Taking a few days off during high season takes its toll and I have to hurry to the office.