Sunday Matinée

Please meet Finnish artist Silja Selonen today. She works and lives by the forest in a rural atelier with garden. She also does some sculpturing and welding, but mostly, she paints.

About this she says:

In paintings I want to be precise with tones of ligth and shadow, but like to paint expressive.

But she also says about herself right at the frontpage of her own website:

Thinking of photons when painting shadows.

She combines science, mathematical structures, music, wire, iron, colours to create her very own universe. But this feature is about paintings. And to me, her images have much tenderness in them.

hil-jaa (silently)
hil-jaa (silently I) Silja Selonen
crystally Silja Selonen
feel the moire
feel the moire Silja Selonen
feel the other
feel the other Silja Selonen
Gi Silja Selonen
HH Silja Selonen
Ilma Silja Selonen
innocent II
Innocent II Silja Selonen
Kaiku Silja Selonen
o-hi (by) Silja Selonen
See the song
See the Song Silja Selonen
siirto 4
Siirto 4 Silja Selonen
siirto 11
Siirto 11 Silja Selonen
stonetime 1
Stonetime 1 Silja Selonen



2 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. I love how she depicts the energy of the subject in the painting. My favorite was the yoga one, or maybe the lady balancing a “hat” made out of clouds. 🙂

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    1. My favourite is the Feel the Song, no idea why. On first sight I didn’t notice all the maths edges in the paintings, it takes a while to dedetct the structure….

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