paper dust

Due to various reasons (new regulations on data privacy, upcoming owners assembly, bringing into service of a new building on the premises) I drown in paperwork at the office right now. No time for anything else. But the mere essentials: going out with sweetheart’s mom for Mothers Day last Sunday. Almost falling asleep, joining sweetheart watching an important? football game at the sports bar. Eat, drink, shower, sleep. Then work again.

Almost missed out to even water my garden, as was necessary. It hasn’t rained for almost two weeks, despite forecasts of thundertstorms. They came down elsewhere in Germany. If it hadn’t been for our neighbours, who asked me to water their garden during their holidays, I would most likly not have found the energy, to get up at ungodly hours to water the gardens. Takes more than a full hour, if I do both gardens.  So, I found myself up at four in the morning, standing outside. Hosing the plants on Monday before taking off to work.

Luckily, the promised thunderstorm finally materialized yesterday afternoon. So I have some spare time this morning. To shake off the paper dust, I gathered in the office during the last days. And to post some garden pics. My tulips, although now almost completely gone for the season, turned out real nice this season. At least I have some photographs to keep. And share….

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