Sunday Matinée

Ah, the Dutch painters! Please meet Mr. Marko Klomp today.

The rather young man is a poet and a painter. Whereas my command of the Dutch language is not enough to enjoy his words, I certainly like his paintings.

He studied art at St. Jost in Breda during the nineties. He engages himself with contrast and its effects. Unsharp edges seem to be his mark.

Hope, you like his work, too.

the last days of Eline Vere
The last days of Eline Vere – Marko Klomp
Apres la lettre – Marko Klomp
bird of prey
Bird of Prey – Marko Klomp
chroniclesc 8
Chronicles 8 – Marko Klomp
chroniclesc 6
Chronicles 6 – Marko Klomp
Descending Hope – Marko Klomp
Everything Turned Away – Marko Klomp
left in the back
Left in the Back – Marko Klomp
Searching for Jeanne – Marko Klomp
Slow Stair Descent – Marko Klomp
where the wild roses grow
Where the Wild Roses grow – Marko Klomp
this bitter earth
This Bitter Earth – Marko Klomp
The last Page – Marko Klomp


2 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. I like the undefined softness of these… kind of like how the world looks with my glasses off. The second one was my favorite, the woman’s walk seems purposeful, though I cannot tell what she is walking toward, a cave maybe, or some style of house? Very mysterious. 🙂

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    1. Funny you mention eyesight. I thought, maybe Mr. Klomt is seeing the world just like this, whenever his glasses are off . Otherwise, how could one think up blurred images. I was a little irritated by it first (photographers are trained to focus, focus, focus), but you are right, the softness is fascinating. I like the last one best, it first drew my attention to the artist, when I stumbled over it on some website.

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