at the very top

Ever wondered, what happenes at the top of the fountain? Just at the point, where the water shot upward from the pump with some force to rise toward the sky, realises, there exists gravity it is forced to follow. Right there, at the turn from a seemingly everlasting upward motion to the unavoidable descent.

Well, I lay  on the lawn next to a fountain at the Jewish Museum in Berlin yesterday . (Where sweetheart and I saw a James Turell exhibition. It was impressive and I loved it. And the building itself is also worth its own post.) The head of water I watched against the blue sky caught my attention. And made me contemplate age. I hate becoming fifty. This is officially old. Which I am as of today. Yuk.

But then again, as you find yourself right at the top of everything, at the turn of any upward motion, maybe fighting the pull of gravity (oh my, and pull it does), you also notice the view.

Never have you been able to see further and clearer than right now. And you can look back at your climb. If you look carefully, it might make you feel proud a little. About the accomplishments and heights you were able to reach. You may not have been lifted exactly where you expected to come out. But all one can hope for, is to use all the trajectory power, one is gifted with and strive for the best.

Overall, it is quite nice up here. A little fear tingles, as I contemplate the inevitable descent in wait for me. It won’t get any better, physically. But maybe in other ways, I have no way of knowing yet. However, as I listen to the rush of water, as it rises and falls again, splashing down to intermingle with the entire body of liquid, that forms the base for the next generation of water heads, I am content.

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8 thoughts on “at the very top

  1. Oh my guilty conscience for missing your birthday this year. On the table behind me is a yellow post office box with two bags of semmelwürfel and sundry other little items in it. I’ll probably have to toss those in the compost bin and get new ones. In the meantime, send me your address by email, okay?
    This is a cool post – I like the pics and the metaphor. Coinciding with the long slide downward is this wonderful settledness – things simply don’t rile you up as much after 50. You tend to stay cool as others flip out around you. That’s been my experience, anyway.

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  2. Happy birthday! Well I am the grand age of 55 and have never been more content with my lot. I am ambitious for the rest of my life and enjoy reflecting on what has gone before. Enjoy your golden age, although I am sure you don’t need to be told that! x

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  3. Another one of us turning 50 this year… maybe that is the age at which we become philosophical and start blogging. AARP’s magazines repeatedly tell me life begins at 50, interspersed with ads for Jitterbug cell phones (with few functions and giant numbers), bathtubs with a door, and necklaces with a button to summon help if you fall. I like your idea of being at the highest point of our trajectory, the place from which we can see the past and future most clearly. I won’t be able to look at a fountain now without thinking of that. Have a good week, Lyart! 🙂

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