Sunday Matinée

I am so busy at work right now, it’s outright crazy.  And at crazy temperatures, too. To find the time to water my garden during this unheard of May drought, I had to get up an extra hour early, at four in the morning. Which was the nicest aka coolest time of day anyways. So today, on my first day off after 10 long hot working days, I am craving a pause and some stillness.

No wonder, still life comes to mind. And Gintaras Zubrys. A Lithuanian painter, who focuses on this form of art. I like the quiet beauty of his work. There is not much to be found about the artist, other than that he studied in Vilnius during the eighties and took part in many exhibitions locally, even as a young art student. In 1995 his artworks were selected into the collection “1995: Lithuanina Art” at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. He is described as a student, who was:

an innovator, who did not avoid to swim against the stream, was looking for his way of life.

Found, it, seemingly. And beautifully so.

white jug
White Jug – Gintaras Zubrys
Evening – Gintaras Zubrys
vivid sight
Vivid Sight – Gintaras Zubrys
Windows – Gintaras Zubrys
Communication – Gintaras Zubrys
The apple of paradise
The Apple of Paradise – Gintaras Zubrys
Loneliness – Gintaras Zubrys
Babylon – Gintaras Zubrys
atlas for the vanity
Atlas for the Vanity – Gintaras Zubrys
the three of them
The Three of Them – Gintaras Zubrys
Morning Gintaras Zubrys
flowery teapot
Flowery Teapot – Gintaras Zubrys
the antiquities
The Antiquities – Gintaras Zubrys

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