Start of May sweetheart and I went on a short trip to the South of Germany. On the way, we went to see my brother and his family. It was so good to see him and his lot again.

It was the first time I saw what he calls home in sunny spring. Usually I visit during winter, when I have spare time. But the weather is not very inviting in winter, so we never ventured out much.

My brother lives near the birthplace of his wife on the slopes of the wide valley, Germany’s main flowing body of water created: the Rhein river. And I have to agree with him, the countryside is exceptionally nice. Vinyards and orchards everywhere, with the glittering, silver water running through.

Here are a few impressions of the place:


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And my brother and his family are just great. His three boys, well, they are really young men by now, are bright and funny. A treat to spend time with. We had so much fun and laughter at the dinner table, our pasta got cold. Poor neighbours, they didn’t get much sleep that evening.

I have to try and make more time for family. The nieces and nephews grow faster than one is aware of and soon they all will have their own families and plans. Plus their parents, my sister and brother, are close to my heart and I really like spending time with them. It’s just, that we live so far apart, that  is a hinderance to just go and visit more often. And, of course, spare time to do it. That is also missing.

But then again, if you don’t make the time, you might never get it. My cousin Karin just died of cancer a few days ago. I never made the time to go and see her, her brothers or my aunt all my adult life. Just because they also live far off any travel route I usually take. So all I have left are some nice childhood memories of a freckled redhead almost my age. Whish I had known her better.

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  1. Sometimes it is only when someone close dies that we are reminded of what we are missing not visiting our near and dear ones. It sounds like a wonderful visit, a little like when I visit my brothers. You can’t beat that familiarity.

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