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Today is Friday and if I stuck to what once used to be the routine of this blog, I were to post a comic for a “Friday Funny” post. But times are not so funny.

Not here in Germany, not in the States. Not anywhere, really. I am so fed up with politicians working hard to destroy what’s left of Europe and the ideas that were behind it.  Basically to overcome national thinking and unite. And, if I look at Trump and his agendas, destroying, what used to be called “Western Ideas” in general.

Petty nationalistic interest, irrational fears, greed and corruption, quick political cash-in on the backs of those fleeing their war and poverty ridden homes and outright racism are doing away with that construct, that gave me hope for a better way of living together here in Europe.

The European Union, may it be slow and inefficient, gave us Europeans peace and freedom not known to the continent before. The real reason, that it was becoming a neccessitiy, is easily found in the history of atrocious wars, the European Nations kept waging against each other for hundreds of years. After WW II, during the late forties and early fifties, this was almost the only option left; try something new, try to come together as a continent. A short while later, this lead to an even greater idea, as blue eyed as it may have been during the siexties untill now: Imagine, all the people…

It makes me want to cry, looking at what happens now. Bavarian right wing politicians chivvying Mrs Merkel just for the sake of some votes, that otherwise might be lost to the AfD. Of course, that would be a tad worse, but not all that much. The Bavarian Prime Minister Söder just hung crosses back in schools and public offices. Söder and Seehofer both calling for “RECHT UND ORDNUNG” again. Where are we, on our way back to the dark ages?  Was there no Enlightenment? Not in Bavaria, by the looks of it. Neither was there any in Austria, Hungary, Poland, to name just a few. And the way, Seehofer (Secretay of State, CSU) and Söder (also CSU) are making their political cash, is so obviously cheap as it is inhuman. And disrespectful towards Mrs. Merkel, personally.

I do not share all of her ideas, mind you. Actually, almost none of her ideas. Apart from shutting down all nuclear power plants for good and letting in refugees. But she has earned my respect through hard work and one core quality – I believe that she really tries to keep her oath of office, the one she has sworn numerous times: To work for the country and its citizens to the best of her knowledge and ability.

Her ideas of going about it might differ from mine or other peolpe’s ideas. Fine, that’s what a parliament is for. And elections. You know, that thing called democracy. But after she has been voted into power once more, and the above mentioned men (gentlemen I am not calling them any longer) have all agreed to and signed a joint coalition contract, they should stick to it. Rather than opposing every idea they have signed to even before the ink has had a chance to dry on the paper.

Endangering Europe as a whole by doing so. Apart from their disgusting ideas of closed borders and “Auffangzentren” for refugees, which really are prisons. Their ideas of sending back refugees to already full border countries like Italy and Greece. All in a national attempt, rather than waiting for a European joint solution to the refugee crisis. Which in not a crisis at all, compared to the burden, other countries are taking on to help out others. Just look at Jordan and Libanon for example. Also Turkey, as much as we criticise it these days.

I really don’t understand the Europeans any longer. While countries on the fringes of Europe still strive to join the European Union and burden their people with painful reforms in order to meet the political and economical standards to be accepted, the core idea of the Union is under attac from within. Because many just want the benefits, without any responsibility. Don’t they see, freedom and peace comes at a cost?

Europe has never been more in danger than right now, I believe. As the world draws closer, more transparent and globalised via the internet and the (still)  free flow of ideas, there is this surge back to separatism and nationalism.

All starting with Britain. although this is a different story. One of greed and megalomania, or plain stupidity, depending on how one looks at Brexit.  This really was the first stab, that might lead to the death of one phantastic idea: the idea of some form of the United Europe.


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  1. I agree Brexit is a tragedy, but don’t forget that the vote was 51.9% to 48.1%. There are an awful lot of UK citizens who do not agree with the decision, and I imagine even more now that the truth of the matter is emerging. There are plenty of good people out there. Our time will come, don’t ever doubt that.

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  2. I think what’s happening, in Europe and here in the USA, is based on one thing: fear. Fear motivates people to accept and embrace these right wing ideas. I am under the impression that the AfD (Germany’s far right party, isn’t it?) has its highest level of support on border areas. Makes sense from a fear standpoint: refugees are coming over the border and locals are afraid. It only takes one terrorist anywhere in Europe with an Islamic name to label them all terrorists, or potential terrorists. That is essentially what Trump is doing here, always calling Central American refugees “aliens” or “animals” who will “infest” our country with “criminals” and “gangs”. His solutions are based on punishment – separate families or detain them indefinitely. It doesn’t occur to him or his supporters that positive solutions might work best (provide help to the nation’s they come feom, look for solutions to the root problem). But no, intolerance is easier. Fear of the other. It’s nothing new. It’s part of all of our countries’ histories.

    It seems to be happening everywhere there are people fleeing violence and crossing borders. People react instead of work together to resolve conflicts. At least in Europe you have the parliamentary system – coalitions are necessary – whereas here we have a 2-party system which causes polarization and apathy.

    I posted my own rant the other day. I feel so powerless, yet I will continue to attend marches, and I will vote.

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  3. It is disheartening to realize how worldwide our world disaster is and how FAST it has progressed. I didn’t think it could happen like this. It’s like we have all fallen down a dark hole and rushing headlong to a past we never wanted to know again.

    There’s little I can say. It’s a nightmare on this side of the Atlantic. I hoped it was better elsewhere.

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    Thanks for your kind attention, this blog now really falls into a deep nap for some weeks.

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  5. From this side of the Atlantic, I share your views completely. Have people really forgotten where nationalism leads? Have they forgotten WWII? One thing that gives me hope is that nationalism cannot work as a practical solution. We see this already to some degree as the UK tries to disentangle itself.

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