no art, this time

Instead of art – my theme on Sundays, normally – it is nature today. Yesterday I had a spare hour on the golf courses. And my camera with me, to pass my time. So this is a little show and tell of stuff that grows and lives on the premises, apart from grass.

Hope, you like some of the pics, too. Oh, and the pink sofa just happens to be a tee marker from a tournament sponsor yesterday – easy to guess, what they sell.

btw: all the green we have, despite the heat wave, stems from the 1.9 million litres of water pumped and sprayed onto the grounds every night. Just the energy bill for the irrigation pumps runs into thousands each month. So much for nature, most would be burnt dead by now, without this extra water. Good for the animals, esp. the water birds, I guess.

Nice Sunday everyone, I’m off to work once more….



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