hot, hot, hot

But what’s new? At least all over Europe, folks will know, what I am talking about.

As I write this, I sit inside, completely in the dark. All shutters drawn to fend off the heat a little. The morning was spent watering the plants. Then breakfast. Now braindead. After nights spent awake, mostly (too hot to get good sleep).

I do get the hang of the Mediterranean’s idea of SIESTA, where every activitiy stops from lunchtime through to late afternoon.

Actually, at work, it seems a little easier. Having things to do helps not noticing the heat. But it’s my day off.  And I have to play some bridge tournament in the evening. So I really can’t overly strain my brain now with further working on a clever blog post, sorry. Energy-efficiency and such….

3 thoughts on “hot, hot, hot

    1. not yet, save for the one splash of thunderstorm I reprted about. Seems to be weeks back already. Otherwise: dry, hot, hot, hotter…..


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