Sweetheart is away on bridge business for a few days, leaving me to myself. I had two days off work, on top.  The first of which I spent with my mother in law and some household chores. But on Friday I had a full, entire, long, lovely day all to myself, with no duties what so ever. Bliss!

Spent it  – guess where? In my garden. Due to work overload I had neglected it of late. So there was lots of watering, weeding, cutting grass, reigning in the climbers, clearing of spent veggies, seeding of a new crop and some such stuff to be done. But it was a sunny day, so I didn’t mind the work at all. The day was made even sunnier by noticing, how well the sunflowers are doing this year. I have them out front to hide the lamp post a little. This year, apart from the conventional bright yellow ones, I also have a dark variety. And there is this one giant, monster-sunflower growing among the lot. Towering obove the others, which are roughly my height. I am curious, how tall this plant will grow, eventually.

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Little Lilly kept me company, overseeing my tos and fros. Luring me away every so often for  a little chase around the meadow behind the house. I duly met my obligations on the pet front, which was rewarded whith much purring and signs of sympathy for the rest of the day.

But today, I had to go back to work, so Lilly had to stay alone. She just came running to meet me on my way up from the car park, when I arrived. Miaowing bitterly with complaint. How dare I leave her alone all day! Well, I’m back and soon, the master will be in, too. Family complete again. This shall comfort everyone around.

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