So, BoJo

Now, having reached Number 10, finally, we all stand breathless, waiting for what will happen next. Apart, maybe, from best-buddy POTUS45, who is all happy and praise. Of course.

Prime Minister, is it? Does Mr. BoJo intent to serve? I don’t think so. But maybe he will surprise me.

I just read up on his personal history on wikipedia. Born to well-to-do parents, he was educated at all the right places: Eton, Oxford, you name it. Later went into journalism. After being sacked from The Times for falsifying a quotation, he went to Brussels to become The Daily Telegraph’s eurosceptic reporter. Chris Patten, former Governor of HongKong,  stated that, at that time, Johnson was “one of the greatest exponents of fake journalism”. Need I say more?

On the other hand, Londoners elected him to be their Mayor and he oversaw the very successful summer Olympics 2012. As far as I recall, there was no big Johnson bashing, then. At least none, I’ve heard of.

What really bugs me, are all these hints and comparisons to Winston Churchill, that pop up on TV and other media recently. Why on earth would one want to compare these two? For their outer appearances? Is chubby the new charismatic? Or what else could it be for, I wonder…

4 thoughts on “So, BoJo

  1. It seems like simply yet another degradation of politics. It used to be East versus West, then Right versus Left, then authoritarian versus democratic, and now it is over-confidence versus no confidence.

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  2. He’s a bumbling idiot, but people here seem to love him. I am a Londoner myself and Boris was a well-liked mayor. The Olympics were totally bashed before they happened and then we all found some sense of pride and everyone loved it! I think he has a lot of goodwill from that. In my mind he’s certainly not on the same scale as Trump… We have our issues here but London is a diverse city and no UK politicians would get away with saying the stuff that Trump does.

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