Zoo Station in Berlin derives its name from -alas – the zoo, it stops at. It is located dead center city west at the end of Kurfürstendamm. I have been there numerous times and love to visit.

However, Berlin was separated by a wall once, as some might still remember. So lot’s of stuff, regular cities have one of, Berlin has twice. So there also is Tierpark – the second zoo in town. Said to be the biggest zoo in Europe with 1,6 km² parkland populated with some 9.000 creatures from home and abroad.

I have never been there yet, so Sweetheart took me. I liked it a lot, there were many lovely animals to look at. I – as everyone else in town – fell immediately in love with the young ice bear Hertha, playfully about with her mum. I also loved the rhinos and elephants, of course. Also, the group of giraffe looked nice. And – surprisingly – the vultures. Tierpark has a big aviary for them with more than ten different sorts of vultures – from tiny bearded ones to huge birds with naked necks and many skinfolds.

But most impressive were the tigers. I love tigers, they are beautiful animals. Tierpark was lucky to have four cubs last year, so tiger mom was overlooking four teenage specimen. Dad and aunty were kept separately next door. For safety, I guess – dad is one impressive giant. Pacing up and down his area restlessly.  I love looking at the animals and at the same time I feel it is a shame, to keep them locked up. Especially the big hunters like cheetahs or tigers usually roaming the wilderness. Same goes for buffalos, gazelle, zebra, the birds. Ah, basically the entire lot. Problem being, that there are hardly any wildernesses left for them to roam in.

As these tigers happen to live in my city, I had a great time watching, nevertheless. All the while comparing them to our own tigress at home: our little Lilly.