half done

Today I get a feeling of half-accomplishment for the first time this year.

1.half / done

  • the last big event of the year – the Shareholder Cup – was dealt with at work yesterday – along with a relieving sensation of another long working season slowly winding down
  • the mailbox just swallowed the envelope with my postal vote for Austria’s next parliament

2. half / still undone or not finished for the year

  • annual tax return due May 31st (have been remindet twice by IRS already, shame on me)
  • major autumn garden reconstruction – my raised patch needs to be refilled and reconstructed, along with a proper set of steps to replace my stopgap solution of a few wobbly stones

Instead of worrying about lose ends, I enjoyed the first singns of autumn in my garden today. Looks quite nice, I have to say….

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