3/4 done

…ha, finished the tax return!

I have no idea, why I am so hesitant to fill in the forms every year. I usually get money back from the IRS. So I really should be happy to spend a little time on the paperwork. But to the contrary – still hate to sit down and sift through my stuff.

Although it is better, ever since Germany offers ELSTER, a way to do the tax return online. Made things a lot easier. But it is still tedious, SO BOOOOOORING!!!!!!

However, this year’s reward shall be roughly 300 Euros coming my way soon – thank you very much, Herr Scholz.

8 thoughts on “3/4 done

    1. Maybe because you are self-employed and don’t pay tax in advance, but after they worked it out correctly? I get the tax taken off my wage as they see fit and have to set them right afterwards….


    1. Actually, here in Germany we were supposed to file till May 31st. This year, that changed to July 31st. Still managed to be late though 😉
      Too bad you have to buy the software, this should be illegal.

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