Now, that days are considerably shorter, I get free time, at long last.

In my world, that spells garden. Guess what – onther little construction project is under way. Two new steps down the terrace, a new little wall to side this mini-staircase and an all new raised veggie patch. All right outside the patio. The veggie patch needed renovation, anyways. The wooden planking had rotten away over the last six years and the earth needs replacement, too. The growth results were rather poor this year. So one thing lead to the next. In order to properly set the steps, a big bush had to go. This gave me a chance to get rid of the last thorn tree I have. I have shied away from felling it, as it was rather big. Much taller than I am and standing fast on its spot since the house went up 25 years ago. There was no way, I could handle it by myself.  But I dug it out as deep as I got, cut all the smaller roots and left the rest to sweetheart’s muscles  and our axe and saw.  I replanted the bush, that had to move, in the remaining hole left by the tree. Hope, it will catch on next spring.

Now the project is halfway done: a ton of earth shovelled from the veggie patch, the old planking removed and recycled, the little trenches dug out, where the supporting wall is supposed to go up. The bush in its new place, everything ready for construction.

However, I was a little lazy this morning. Could not be bothered to go to the hardware store to fetch bricks and other supplies. So I decided to give my back a break instead. A little grocery shopping to fend off starvation and a short stroll out at the back to entertain our little cat Lilly was all, I could muster today.

Apart from picking up a few pretty leaves, while out. I thought them rather intriguing. Weird, how one starts to notice such niceties, as soon as one gets some time to oneself. Life can be good.


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