just in time

I am happy that my latest project rebuilding my raised garden patch and siding steps got finished last week just before the weather turned bad in earnest.Little cat Lilly oversaw the constructions very well and was a big help.

I shovelled earth and laid stones happily, settling to the thought, that sweetheart might leave the steps for next spring. But after two days, he somehow felt, the man of the house could not keep on just watching for any longer. And in a matter of hours he was finished heaving the heavy stepstones into their place. Which in turn enabled me to cut back all trees and shrubs, starting my patch all anew with a layer of wood. After which I dismantled my two compost piles, heaping everything onto the patch just in time for the big rain to set in. Now moisture and frost can do their jobs over winter and in spring hopefully everything will be ready for growing fresh greens and stuff….

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