idly idealistic

Great support for Greta all around. Idly so. What an impressive address in front of all the so United Nations: “How dare you!” Exactly – how dare you still drive your two ton Mercedes three blocks down to fetch plastic-packed Schnitzel from factory farmed pigs? How dare you still groping for the so-called best offer in clothing, food and other supplies mostly thieved from other people’s soil, produced by way of taking advantage (to say the least) of their poverty. Along the way harming the environment at almost every turn of the journey.

I hope, consumerism is coming to an end. Looking at the shopping frenzy all around, I guess it will take a while, still. Well, nobody is perfect. But we all can get better. Just walk to the shop, next time. Or buy the lesser looking apple, just because it comes from the farm next door rather than going for that perfct speciman from the other side of the planet.