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Today, Austria is back to be governed by politcians. The Präsident just swore in the new Chancellor (the former, young Mr. Kurz from the Conservatives) and the Vice Chancellor Mr.Kogler from – TATAAA – the Green Party. First time, there is a coalition between Conservatives and the Green Party in Austria. Also nice to see: more than half of the Ministers and State Secretaries are female. A pity, that so few of the Ministries are led by Green Party members. But I guess, that just reflects the result of the elections.


angelobung neu
the new Government – Copyright:

Also a first today: a complete Government of experts steps down. They did extremly well, I think. Not much noise, a job well done. Rumour has it, had Mrs. Bierlein (the first ever Austrian Chancelloress) run for election, she would have stood a fair chance to be re-elected. I believe, no one in Austria can quite beat that young Mr. Kurz these days. Why, I don’t know. However, Mrs. Bierlein derserves all respect and I am sure, a considerable amount of voters would have liked to see her stay in office a lot longer.

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It is fine, as it is. Hope, Mr. Kogler will manage to green wash conservative policies a little.

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  1. I confess it was a relief and a blessing to go for a few months without political talking heads and hickhack. I’m going to miss the Experts. But I’m hoping the Greens will bring some relief and consistency to the migrants / asylum seekers after the ever-changing policies of the last government (and Mr. Kickout).

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    1. No worries about not following Austria’s politics – it is neglectable. The new government is not an improvement per se – as the interim government was the first ever NON-political government installed by the President. Formed entirely of leading public officials, to cover for the government hang up. They did exceptionally well the last year, I think.
      Insofar as that the Conservatives now form a government with the Green Party, it is an improvement to what existed before the interim government was installed. Then, the Conservatives joined with the far right FPÖ party. And that ended in disaster (as one could have foretold).

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