Went for a walk in the woods this morning. It was a sunny morning, but one of the few also frosty ones. So far, winter has not reached Berlin at all. No snow, what so ever. Only a few frosty days. With day time temperatures around 10°C, plus, mind you. Should be minus ten, this time of year. It was nice to see the morning mist rise.

Also saw the efforts of a beaver wanting to build his lodge or maybe just a dike. He aimed way beyond his own powers. As a beaver, you should, as a rule, only fell trees you are then able to move. But not this one. He gnawed away on a big tree, thrice my size. No wonder, he had to leave all this great dam building material behind. One could still see his teeth marks at the top of the tree lying there, where he tried to drag it away. To no avail. I saw two other, smaller stumps closeby. I guess, he had to reconsider…

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And to top it all off, I saw a little dear toward the end of my round. That was really nice. We are just a few miles from Berlin center and I come across so much wildlife. Loved it.



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