happy happy

Despite the odd sneeze, a tenth of handkerchief-use from last week’s waste of tissues and a lax cough still lingering,  I decided to drag myself in front of my lap top today, connecting humans to the ethernet. This being the recommended way of social interaction in times of spreading viruses of every sort. As far as I am concerned, I caught them all in a oner over the last ten or so days, so I am safe now from any future infection. Sweetheart obviously followed suit but is already getting better.

But enough of me. The reason for declaring myself fit again, is today’s date:

Happy Birthday, circumstance!


Hope, the cure gave you enough zen power to withstand the weight of another year on your shoulders (quite literally). If not, maybe this Baliesque-flower pic and the third week of cure coming up will help.

-btw, am SOOOO impressed by your soccer record. Almost as much as by your latest Faschings-chutzpa. 🙂

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