countdown to take off

The countdown to serious holidays is now officially on! There are less fingers on my right hand than days left until we take off to Cyprus. Four, three, two, one…take off next Wednesday.

Honestly, I can’t wait to go. Seems, I am in dire need of this break.

I am very curious about what I will find on this island. Never been there, know nothing much about it. I like going to new places without researching too much beforehand. All I have seen so far, are a few pictures of our accommodation. On the coast, with cats on site – I guess, I will be happy.


As opposed to sweetheart, who tries to find out as much as possible about new destinations in advance.

This is very convenient. I will be lead to all the interesting places, still able to be awed. At times, ignorance is bliss. Plus, I usually get all the relevant information in due time, anyways. As sweetheart will run me throught the history and other facts.  Which he enjoys doing. So we both get the best of it.