full stop

DSCN0558We went to Cyprus for our holidays about a week ago. We spent two days exitedly exploring our surroundings. Discovered Aphrodite’s birthplace, pictured above. Just to return to our hotel to learn, that we have to leave this Saturday. Our flights cancelled. Just as well,we  have all the time in the world to sort everything out. As the entire island shut down. Nowhere to go, nothing to see. All sights, sports venues (no golf, poor sweetheart), shops – save for supermarkets and pharmazies – restaurants or bars closed. Sounds relaxing to me. 

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  1. I was going to write “I won’t rest easy till you are back home safe and sound” but then . . . who can say where it is better to be right now? I suppose for Lily and mom-in-law you can’t get home soon enough. Stay safe and keep posting!

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