At this glorious time of spring we all are forced back into hibernation by this plague of a virus. To follow suit, winter came back yesterday.

On the weekend, I spent hours touching up my little garden after the long period of negligence over the dark months. Wouldn’t go as far as calling them winter. There was no snow this time. Only a few days of frost here and there. And last weekend, temperatures rose to almost 20° C plus. It was fab!

Turns out, this joy wasn’t going to last very long. Winter came back with force, frost in the morning, followed by the first snow of the season. Covering my tulips and flowers with a white cover. There could not have been a starker contrast…

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Forecast promises a return to normal start-of-spring-conditions for the coming weekend. Hope, the weather keeps this promise as I fully intent to place my plant order for the season this week.

3 thoughts on “brrr….

  1. What has been driving me crazy is the way the weather changes radically day to day. Sunday: T-shirt weather, Monday: snow, Tuesday: stormy, Wednesday: back to T-shirts, Thursday: -8 degrees in the night (Goodbye apricots!) and so on and so on . . .
    PS. Great pics as usual!


  2. I know your garden is your happy place, Lyart, your pride and joy. Hopefully you’ll be back out there soon, digging and nurturing and enjoying your colorful corner of paradise. Here, seems like the spring flowers bring about one late snow. It happens every year. 🙂


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