Cyprus again, this time with pictures from the chalky part of the coast. I’ve never seen so much chalk, save from afar, passing the White Cliffs of Dover on the ferry to Britain.

Sweetheart tried a piece out, it could easily be used just like regular chalk on a blackboard to write on the road. That fascinated him.

Too me, the light reflection of this material stayed in mind. In the bright spring sun, the stones produced such a glare I felt blinded. No way, I could see any of the little reels and switches on my camera after a short while.

But the stone was pretty.

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    1. a fortnight. Three days after arrival, we were told that we have to leave in five more days at the latest. And everything outside closed, most tourists left a.s.a.p We had to wait in Cyprus for the flights we were able to get…


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