consider the lilies

I have to confess, that I am not that fond of lilies. Don’t get me wrong: they are very beautiful. But in my more nature bound scheme of gardening, I think the blossoms of modern times lilies a tad too big, too braggy.  Anyhow, a few years back, I bought one plant with white blossoms, featuring a pale blue base. Sometimes one just gets caught by a picture on a plant packaging and can’t help buying it….

And this one plant was so very prolific, that I now own about eight or nine of those lilies. Which have been moved to the back of the house, to a very shady corner. In the slight hope, that nature would sort the “problem”. But to the contrary: the lily thrieves and thrieves and thrives… As if it wants to punish me for my evil deed…

This year, one stem of the flowers got folded. By the weight of the rain on the huge blossoms or else just by a careless kick of a passer-by. I took the blossoms off the kinked stem and put them into some water. And because I was a little bored, I made a few pics…

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Having said all that: I absolutely love the book“Consider the Lilies” by Iain Crichton-Smith. A very beautiful book about a not so nice, historic event: The Highland Clearances.

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  1. I do like Lilies, so much that I put a lot of effort into growing them though they don’t fit so well with the rest of the garden, and they require special protection from the rabbits.


  2. It looks like a type of iris my mom had when I was a kid. I can see why you couldn’t pass it up. I’m not fond of the smell of lilies (it reminds me of funeral homes) but the bees love them, and we love our bees. 🙂

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