my kinda bee…

Been strolling the woods lately. Because I just love to get out into some green away from golf greens during this period of looong office hours. On one of my usual walking routes over the fields, I found something new: beekeepers have put hives right next to a rapeseed field.

This made nice photographs.


As beekeepers do, they marked the entrances of the hives to make it easier for the bees to find the right door in the neighbourhood. I remember my granddad did the same – he kept bees and marked the hives with wooden slates in bright, different colours. He used to call the colours “house numbers” for the bees.

The beekeepers at hand seem to be also artists: some of their hives were marked with little painted scenes.


By far the best was this one, though – exactly my kinda bee, featuring a wine glass in hand and a happy smile. Gave me a buzz.




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  1. That looks like a lovely place – it reminds me a bit of my “sacred” one (which also has beehives, but otherwise is a completely different landscape. Another thing: I thought we had agreed a while back to use the name “canola”.

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